PortCon Maine 2007 / New j-pop + doujinshi

So last weekend my friends and I all went to PortCon Maine. To be honest…it sucked compared to Anime Boston. There really wasn’t that much to do, and the dealer’s room was pretty small. But it wasn’t too bad- we had lots of fun and ended up with an uber amount of new inside jokes (Data Pretty Pretty Princess- “There’s a 12.5% chance I’ll land on a black ring space”).
Basically, this is what I got:
The Prince of Tennis volume 4
The Prince of Tennis volume 5
The Prince of Tennis volume 6
Death Note volume 12
(zomg, they had it early)
Naruto Original Soundtrack 3
Prince of Tennis OST 2
Prince of Tennis OST 3
2 Prince of Tennis chibi mini-posters
some sort of Prince of Tennis normal mini-poster

and some other various small items.
I really really wanted a doujinshi, but they didn’t have any PG/PG-13 Prince of Tennis doujinshi. T____T There was like one Naruto PG doujinshi, but I didn’t get it…and there were some more doujinshi at another booth, but that booth didn’t separate the porn from the rest, so I couldn’t tell and I figured unless I recognized a specific doujinshi, I wouldn’t take the risk.
As for the CDs…I didn’t mean to buy 4 CDs, especially not if only one of them was j-pop, but they were cheap. xDDD $10 for each of the soundtracks, and $15 for the NANA album. See, I went around the dealer’s room looking for j-pop, and I didn’t see any anywhere, just soundtracks, so I went ahead and bought some soundtracks. Then later I was wandering around…and one of the booths added a ton of j-pop. xD;; And it was cheap, so I figured why not…

So anyway. On Thursday, I made some another order from Yesasia (and CD Japan, too, lolz. xD):
Morning Musume – Egao YES Nude (limited edition A CD+DVD) (Hong Kong version)
Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are (limited edition B CD+photobook)
Aqua Timez – ALONES
Naruto 38
Aozu – White Line
Pull Tab to Can – Wonderful Days

Earlier this week, I was watching more Tenipuri, and I hit episode 141- the welcome back party for Tezuka (lolz, filler, but whatever. the camp was good filler, the actual match…well, I got slightly depressed and had to take a break after Eiji lost. To a filler character! :arg) where some of the rival players performed a song- Wonderful Days. And then that song was used as the 7th ending theme…
I’m like in love with the song. xD So, as a spur-of-the-moment thing, I looked it up on Yesasia. Out of print, dammit. So then I figured I’d at least check a few other sites. I went on CD Japan, and sure enough, it was on there~ So I ordered that single, along with White Line, the 4th ending and also a song sung by the seiyuu- and also out of print on Yesasia. xD
As for the rest- of course I’m pre-ordering Momusu’s upcoming single, and ALONES by Aqua Timez, the current Bleach opening. I jumped at the chance to grab the limited edition of Egao YES Nude, even though it is the Hong Kong version…I’m a sucker for anything limited. =P

My Amazon order with Kanashimi Twilight and the Ore Ska Band stuff that I made a month ago still hasn’t even shipped yet. >__< Raaaaawwwr I’ll give it like two more weeks.

I also ordered some doujinshi, yaaay! xD Okk, I really can’t read most of the Japanese stuff. But I figure I will be able to in the future, and for now I’m happy just looking at the pictures and trying to possibly figure out any bit of Japanese that I can. I currently have 4 doujinshi:
Tennis Game of the Worst Supremacy (Arta+Psytron)
Throw Up Your Fist (Koroketsu)
(Oishi x Kikumaru)
The Color of Walnut… (MG) (Oishi x Kikumaru)
Gold (Special Cat) (Oishi x Kikumaru)

The same day I made the Yesasia and CD Japan orders, I also ordered 4 doujinshi off of the same site, Doujinshi Star– and I got a free doujinshi because altogether I’ve spent $100 there. xD So this is what I ended up getting:
Afghanistan Bananastan (Todoya)
Contagion (Flower Place)
(Fuji x Tezuka, Momo x Ryoma)
Momoshiro Takeshi (Flower Place) (Momo x Ryoma)
Prince of Summer (Flower Place) (Ryoma x Eiji)
Pureness (Pink Panthers) (Fuji x Tezuka)

I’m kinda surprised at myself for not getting any Golden Pair doujinshi. xD But variety is always good. xD
Apparently the first one is a parody of the uber crack Prince of Tennis anime movie. That movie was AMAZING. xDDDDD It fails so much, but it’s SOOOO fun to watch! When I saw this doujinshi, I just had to get it. xD

Raaaawwwr, I plan on being caught up entirely with Prince of Tennis within…let’s go with a week and a half, just to be on the safe side. xD


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