Aozu scans

Aozu is a Prince of Tennis unit made up of Tezuka Kunimitsu, Ooishi Shuuichirou, Fuji Shuusuke, and Echizen Ryouma, all from Seigaku. Respectively, their voice actors are Okiayu Ryoutarou, Kondou Takayuki, Kaida Yuki, and Minagawa Junko.

This is Aozu’s first single, WHITE LINE, released on 2002.11.06. WHITE LINE was the 4th ending for the Prince of Tennis TV anime.
(on a random side note, I didn’t know Tezuka was old enough to drive. =P well, he certainly looks old enough even though he’s only 14…)
Download scans here!

Aozu – Kakaeta Kiseki
This is Aozu’s 4th single, Kakaeta Kiseki, released on 2007.01.31. Kakaeta Kiseki was the 2nd opening for the Prince of Tennis National Tournament OVA series, and was also the opening for the first volume of the National Tournament Semifinal OVA series.
Download scans here!


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