[random rant] oh so close to being caught up with PoT (CHAPTER 353 SPOILERS)

Lolz, I just needed somewhere to type all my thoughts out randomly without talking specifically to someone. My head’s been full of Tenipuri stuff lately and it’s starting to bug me, cause no one pays attention to what I say at the moment cause Emily doesn’t like Tenipuri, Katie ignores me if I type anything more than like two sentences because she’ll think it’s too much to read, and Sarah (the only one who I think would actually care) is off at camp~
Basically my thoughts on both the current manga arc and PoT’s status in America…I just wrote down whatever I thought of as it came to mind, and it’s obviously not the nicest thing to read in terms of format and style, but it’s not like I really care…

(oh so close to being caught up with PoT…)
…but not quite there yet, cause you see the issue is that I can only find the first two episodes of the Nationals Semifinals subbed in Chinese, and I watched the first episode but it’s boring without subs so I think I’ll leave the other episode until later when I actually get motivated to care about Fuji vs Shiraishi
maybe it’s just cause I’m still hung up over Tezuka vs Sanada where TEZUKA LOST ZOOOOMMMG which is NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN unless it’s to RYOMA but he LOST to SANADA OF ALL PEOPLE and they decided to put RYOMA against YUKIMURA which is like BAD IDEA considering it comes down to a fucking FRESHMAN (I mean, even if he is their super freshman, there’s seriously a limit on how overpowered he can be) vs the fucking CAPTAIN (and best player like EVER) OF RIKKAIDAI but we all know that after doubles 2, singles 2, and doubles 1, two of them will win and one will lose so it’ll come down to Ryoma vs Yukimura for the deciding match to see which team wins the Nationals and we ALL KNOW that Ryoma will win so Seigaku will win the Nationals and the series will end *TEARTEAR*
cause it’d make SO MUCH MORE SENSE to put FUJI against Yukimura (actually the best would have been TEZUKA but for some reason he ended up in SINGLES 3 even though he’s the BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM) instead of RYOMA but Fuji isn’t the main character now, is he
we have yet to see Yukimura play since he’s been in the HOSPITAL the whole time (being raped by a plant according to a fanfic I read =D) but we know he can do the MUGA NO KYOUCHI and he’s the CAPTAIN OF RIKKAIDAI and he’s BETTER THAN SANADA AND YANAGI AND EVERYONE ELSE FROM RIKKAIDAI so we know he’s UBER POWERFUL so Ryoma’s gonna have to pull some new moves out to beat him and add to his uber move collection
that is if he even comes in time for the match, that’d actually be really funny if he totally missed his match due to being wherever the hell he is right now while Momo and Atobe and Oshitari are looking for him
I figure since Ryuuzaki let Momo run off and look for Ryoma that means he’s one of the two subs this round because I don’t think she’d take the chance of losing another player and missing another match, and the other sub is obviously Taka because of his uber injuries from his last match which was really unrealistic, and when you figure that out it’s pretty easy to figure the rest of the matches out, Inui and Kaidou have to be in doubles 2 because there aren’t really any other good combinations with the others except the Golden Pair of course but obviously they’re in doubles 1, and they should win somehow because of their goal to become “Nationals #1!”, and if Inui and Kaidou are in doubles 2 and Ooishi and Eiji are in doubles 1 and of course Ryoma’s in singles 1 that leaves Fuji for singles 2
I can’t figure out who Rikkai’s playing in their lineup though because of all the plot crap, like I really doubt Fuji’s gonna play Kirihara again and stuff like that, cause that wouldn’t really be as interesting, and since Sanada was in singles 3 and Yukimura’s obviously in singles 1 I figure singles 2 will be Yanagi cause he’s the last of the “3 demons of Rikkai” or w/e the hell they’re called, but then we have the two doubles pairs and if we leave them the same then we’re gonna end up with Yagyuu/Niou vs Ooishi/Eiji and that’ll be boring, unless the anime of it includes the concussion that was SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN the first time but they cut it out for some odd reason along with like all of the good stuff from all the Rikkai matches in the manga like Fuji going blind and stuff like that
so maybe they’ll switch the pairs around and we’ll get Yagyuu/Niou vs Inui/Kaidou and Jackal/Marui vs Ooishi/Eiji, or maybe Konomi will come up with a totally new doubles pair like Yanagi/Kirihara and totally surprise us, that’d actually be pretty fun
well I bet we’ll see Jirou as long as Marui plays, and that’s always good cause JIROU = <333333333333333333333333

so I was thinking about Shounen Jump today and I was thinking that I wished PoT would be on the cover of an American Shounen Jump issue because sometimes non-serialized manga get on the cover like Bleach, but in order for PoT to get on the cover something important would have to happen like the movie coming out or the anime starting up again or something and then I realized that no one cares about PoT in America
it’s really sad cause it’s a great anime/manga and I think it could have done really well if they did it right, but they didn’t and that’s the problem
the manga’s good, though there are some crappy changes like everyone calling everyone by their first names (no one should call Tezuka “Kunimitsu” except his family, seriously it’s just weird to see the regulars call him that) it was fine, but manga isn’t really as popular in the US and it wouldn’t become popular with just the manga
but then the anime came over and Viz killed it, first of all they had the crappy dub with the uber uber uber crappy voices and everything else was good but the voices can ruin an anime, and they definitely did this time, I mean Eiji’s supposed to sound hyper and Fuji’s supposed to sound like a girl and everything else, so they totally killed the voices, and then they put it on Toonami Jetstream at first and that wasn’t that good of an idea because I really don’t think it’s that popular, but then they put it on TV which was a good move but then they killed it by SKIPPING LIKE HALF THE EPISODES FOR NO REAL REASON, and I’m sure that confused dub-only watchers who probably had no idea what was going on, and I can understand why they’d want to get farther along in the series faster because the series starts out kinda ehhh and gets waay better later on, but skipping episodes is not the way to go, and so then they finally restarted it from the very beginning but then they took it off the air for good before they got to the good episodes!
so now people have to buy the DVDs to watch it and I don’t think it’s really attracting any new fans by doing that because if I was someone who only watched dub anime I certainly wouldn’t want to spend like $40 on a DVD that I’m not even sure I’m gonna like and it’s especially not good because they don’t even release separate DVDs, only box sets, and I think that’s a turn-off for people because whyyy would they want to buy a box set for an anime they’re not even sure that they’re going to like
or they could watch it on Toonami Jetstream, but that sucks and I don’t think they keep the earlier episodes on so if you didn’t see the beginning you’re screwed and you’ll have no idea what’s going on especially because I hear they’re about to hit the Yamabuki arc and by this point you don’t randomly start watching in the middle, you just don’t
and btw I really wanna know what Dan’s gonna be like in the dub because it’s DAN for god’s sake and they can’t keep “desu” so how else are they gonna keep his weird speech habit, which reminds me I need to see the rest of the dub in general, cause I’m interested in how they’re gonna keep “daa~ne~” and the whole “duck” reference cause that doesn’t work unless they dub him to say like “quack” or w/e and if they do that I’ll shoot the people who came up with that crappy idea
not to mention I don’t know/remember any of the voices besides the Seigaku regulars, so I gotta see how crappy the other voices are
oh dear lord I CANNOT wait until we get to Davide from Rokkaku, how the hell are they gonna work in all his puns in English
actually the manga’s already that far but I’m not, I’m only up to volume 8 in the English version but I’ve been buying a few everytime I get the chance so I’ll catch up soon, they’re already at Eiji’s seal step! yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
I forget if that’s when Eiji plays Rokkaku or Rikkaidai so I don’t exactly know how far the English manga is but whatever, not like it really makes any difference, Eiji’s amazing and uber great yayyyyyyy
ok I think I’m finally out of things to say


Oh, and completely random, but virtual cookies to anyone who spots what’s wrong in this manga page. xD I didn’t notice it until someone told me…


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